Here are a few words about what I can say about creating an InMemori site:

I met InMemori in December 2016 through the death of a close friend.
I must admit that at the start, I was rather surprised, skeptical and reluctant to want to follow up on his wife's proposal to go and share a message on the site.

It was by going to the site using the link that had been sent to me from R.'s email inbox, that I discovered with surprise and emotion the richness of everything that had already been written by his family, friends, and former work colleagues...

All these very personal "little words", full of warmth and attention, formed a bond around R. and all those who had known him; I knew him well and yet I discovered who he was better through the incredible variety of experiences he had lived.

So I took great care to read all the testimonials and to try to write, too, the message I wanted to send to R ..

Here's what I can tell you.

Thank you.