InMemori accompanies the moment of the loss of a loved one. Our company’s essential mission is to pay homage to each life lived.

The families and grieving individuals who use our service are our reason for being. We want to formalize the values ​​that drive us on a daily basis and the commitments that we respect in each of our actions in this code of ethics.

I- InMemori, a human enterprise

Our mission of common interest

InMemori is a service of common interest because helping each bereaved person to feel surrounded and supported contributes to a collective well-being.


  • Our service is free. Grieving is a subject that affects all of us. With the choice of being free, InMemori allows everyone to pay tribute to a loved one.
  • Our service is universal. Its ease of use for all generations and the availability of our team to assist every user guarantees that no one is left behind.

Confidentiality as a golden rule

The confidentiality of InMemori spaces is ensured by their secure access link which makes them untraceable on search engines like Google.

Within the InMemori team this strict principle of confidentiality applies as follows:

  • Users' private data is never transmitted to third parties or marketed.
  • The access links to the tribute spaces are never shared with anyone other than their administrators.
  • The InMemori team promises to never intervene in a space unless its administrator asks for it or his/her obligations as an administrator require it.

A virtuous team

Every employee is trained to assist families by telephone at any time.

  • During recruitment, InMemori assigns a great importance to the reliability and alignment of employees with our mission. Our mission is at the heart of each of our actions and fuels our collective spirit.
  • The InMemori team is regularly trained in skills and personal development to better support those in mourning.
  • The InMemori team is characterized by a diversity of age and culture that guarantees maturity and openness.

II- InMemori, an approach oriented to truth

An appropriate accompaniment

  • The exchanges with families and their loved ones are marked by a deep respect for the suffering and the grieving they are going through. At InMemori, the support of families is done with empathy and care.
  • We want dignity to be a highlight of the service: no advertising pollutes the spaces as the subject of mourning is treated with sobriety, delicate patterns and soothing colors.
  • The InMemori team provides a special moment of caring and responsive assistance to each person who wishes to receive it. The team is also involved in the making of the Memory Book contributing in the creation of a unique object of memory.

A quality service

  • Our concern for quality is reflected in the timelessness of the service: the tribute spaces are accessible without any time limit to allow for lasting and deep meditation in each InMemori space.
  • Our quality approach is based on a transparent economic model. Our users benefit from a quality service accessible to all with optional paid features.
  • We rely on the words of experts and on testimonials to offer content to help the grieving process and shed light on the end of life. Our hope is that the users of InMemori and those who are sensitive to the subject can find useful and soothing material.