Testimonial from I. L.

Thank you and thanks to Préviséo for having granted me this page which is a real assistance for the organization of the burial of my mom in more serene conditions.

Testimonial from C. P.

Thank you very much for your support and this InMemori site. We were able to receive all these expressions of love and keep them. It is a remarkable idea. In these painful moments it brought us a lot.
Testimonial from  C. P.

Testimonial from F. G.

I wanted to thank you very much for what you do. InMemori greatly relieved, helped and comforted me during this time when I needed it so much. Your approach is magnificent and so precious.

Testimonial from S. K.

I took the liberty of posting a Facebook article about your company for lack of knowing how to share your existence with my community and the quality of the service offered.

Testimonial from S. B.-Le R. mom of E.

InMemori is an extraordinary and useful way for everyone to deposit memories, testimonies, photos, tributes to our son. Meanwhile there have been holidays and some continue to post messages there. Thank you for the help you have given me in my grief.
Testimonial from S. B.-Le R. mom of E.

Testimonial from B. V.

The InMemori site is remarkable. It helps ease the difficult-to-manage logistics in such painful times. The site is elegant and clear. The messages and photos that were shared are a great tribute to the loved one.

Testimonial from T. S.

Kudos for your site which allows friends and family to testify and transmit memories that bring to life the special moments with the one who left us. Thank you for this great initiative.
Testimonial from T. S.

Testimonial from C. R.-B.

In the terrible situation where you lose a loved one, it is useful and comforting to centralize the testimonies and photos of the person you have lost. InMemori allowed the family to testify in writing, to collect the speeches made at the funeral, to organize them.(..)
Testimonial from C. R.-B.

Testimonial from I.M.

We would like to thank you for having accompanied us to the end in the preparation and the future of Dad's funeral. We had few messages, but each was important. It’s a delicate tool that we were able to customize.

Testimonial from E.P.

InMemori (...) helped us and continues to help us with our immense pain from the death of our mom, by the testimonies and photos which make her so alive. Thank you also for your availability to respond quickly to us in the event of a technical problem ... Thank you again and good luck.

Testimonial from C.R.

Thanks to you, my brother remains in our memories and a place accessible to many people is dedicated to him. When a person leaves us, it is difficult to testify, to know what his place is, and it is this is why I find InMemori extraordinary(...).
Testimonial from C.R.

Testimonial from C. M.-T.

I read and reread with emotion the hundreds of testimonies posted on the site for S., which are as many memories of slices of life as marks of affection and support, which do good to all - family and friends - and which we will keep preciously.