Testimonial from P.V.

I would like to thank you with all my heart for your wonderful service. Thanks to you, it was easy to share our sad news with our contacts around the world.

Testimonial from C.L.R.

Thanks to you, my brother remains in our memories and a place accessible to many people is dedicated to him. When a person leaves us, it is difficult to testify, to know their place, and that is why InMemori is extraordinary to me.

Testimonial from D.

All these very personal "little words", full of warmth and attention, formed a bond around R. and all those who had known him; I knew him well and yet I discovered who he was better through the incredible variety of experiences he had lived.

Testimonial from C. S.

I discovered InMemori when a friend passed away. I found this site remarkable as it allows families to inform relatives and friends of the funeral and offers them the possibility of paying homage to the deceased.

Testimonial from V. S.

I wanted to congratulate you for a long time for having created InMemori. It is difficult to work on a subject such as death and you have met a real need. You go further today with the tribute book and it's a great idea.

Testimonial from S. C.

Being in a small town and unable to travel with my mother for the farewell ceremony of ML, we were touched by the possibility of sharing his memory via this beautiful idea of InMemori and by the feeling of being in communion with the family and relatives despite the distance.

Testimonial from J. L.

The death version 2.0 of the web. I did not know it but it allowed me to read the words left by the close ones of my aunt and in particular her working relationships which I did not know and helped me to see that she was also appreciated on this part of her life.

Testimonial from R. F.

I unfortunately went through the announcement of a tragic double death ...This site helped me read, write, post photos and most of all, share my sadness.(...)

Testimonial from H.H.

Thanks to your page, we have observed how our father had impacted his close ones through the words and photos of his friends and relatives. Both serene and very respectful, the page welcomes everyone's tears with great delicacy.

Testimonial from J.-M. F.

InMemori is a service that was offered to me by the Catholic Funeral Service, which we called to organize my father's funeral. It is easy to use and practical, it has helped us to share information.(...)

Testimonial from A.-M. B.

I did not know the InMemori platform and discovered it on the death of a very close friend. In my opinion, this is an excellent way to show our support for loved ones and to recall the memory of the person who left us.