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Why create an InMemori space?

InMemori is a free service that helps you share the funeral information with your close ones and receive condolences, memories and pictures.


From a free, private, online space, you can inform your family and friends about the passing of your loved one and easily share details about the funeral service by email or text.


Every person that receives the link to your lnMemori space can post a condolence, a memory or a photo.


Receive a beautiful book containing all the words and pictures shared on the private space.

How it works

Honor each life


InMemori spaces are private and never appear in search engine results.


InMemori offers families an elegant, clean space, without “likes” and advertising.


InMemori will always be free and is intended for all ages, cultures and beliefs.

Preserve the memories

The InMemori book is a beautiful keepsake with all the messages and photos shared by your family and friends.
The book is printed in a traditional printshop and the layout is done by InMemori's staff, so you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself.

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